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Yanmar’s pump series range in bore size from 2″ to 4″

Why choose Yanmar Engines?

At YANMAR, we know a lot about a lot, but we know the most about engines. We take great pride in producing reliable and efficient engines that get the job done every time, without hiccups. Because of the work we put into designing highly efficient machines, you can be sure that the commitment we’ve made to energy conservation will positively impact your wallet just as much as it positively impacts your carbon footprint. Our engines are true high-performance technology and boast the maximum in engine life – and these words are far from empty. Our engines are tested under extreme conditions. They don’t leave our production line until we are sure that they will live up to every aspect of YANMAR’s legendary reputation. Our commitment is reflected in our impressive engine warranties and world-class dealer support network.

Since 1933 we have manufactured, with precise craftmanship, over 15 million diesel and gas engines ranging from 4.5 to 5,000 horsepower. Our engines can be found across a multitude of landscapes and industries – from agriculture, to industrial, to marine leisure, and everything in between.

We see each of our engines as a promise: a promise made from us to our dealers, and our end users. We promise to deliver engines that are scrutinized, perfected, and found to be of outstanding quality. We promise to be your partner, and to strive to make your ideal a reality. In short, we promise to be YANMAR, and our track record proves that we aren’t in the business of breaking our promises.

DIESEL ENGINES | Water Cooled:

We provide the option of horizontal and vertical water-cooled diesel engines for industrial and generator use, also available as power pack. Water-cooled engines contain enclosed radiator systems for cooling.  These enclosed systems create additional insulation around the motor making them quieter than their air-cooled counterparts. They warm up quickly, so where speed is a factor, liquid cooled engines are a major plus. They also maintain engine temperatures with ease, and therefore maintain engine performance and emissions with ease. These enclosed loop systems ensure that even when your YANMAR engine reaches peak levels of heat, we are ready for it. So, feel free to put it through its paces, the cavalry is already on the way.

7.0 kW – 155 kW range.

water cooled engines by YANMAR
Diesel Oil cooled engines by yanmar


Our air-cooled diesel engines with direct injection, are naturally aspirated and EU Stage V compliant. Because they are up-to-date with recently implemented regulations, you can be sure that they are not only reliable now but will remain reliable for their considerable lifetime. Their reliability also lies in their simplicity – the parts and pieces of equipment that it takes to keep a liquid cooled engine running are simply not needed in an air-cooled machine. Less equipment means less parts to become problematic as the engine ages, thus giving air-cooled engines a naturally longer life span. Air-cooled engines are also less bulky, less heavy, and have a higher fuel economy, as 5-10% of their power isn’t spent maintaining an enclosed liquid cooling loop. Not to mention there is no need to regularly monitor coolant levels. You work hard enough as it is, let your YANMAR engine at least take that task off your plate!

3.5 kW – 7.4 kW.

Other Products

At YANMAR, diesel is our middle name. We know diesel engines, tractors, CE equipment, industrial equipment and energy solutions. So, when it comes to diesel water pumps and generators, we know what you are looking for.

Our water pumps boast a 550-1750 L/min output. Our generators create outputs of 4.5 to 10.2 KW. Click to learn more about these top-of-the-line products.

other power products by YANMAR